Waterproofing Pretoria East

Your roof needs to be waterproofed properly or leaking  will happen when waterproofing fails or the roof membrane wears because of the sun’s UV rays. Leakages then happens in one or more places on the roof. Tremco specialises in  Waterproofing of all types of roofing surfaces of house and industrial property including flat roofs, slabs, pitched roofs, tiled roofs, roof ridging, IBR roofs, corrugated roofs, chimneys and chimney flashing, balconies, plumbing vent pipes, plumbing inspection covers and dome skylights.

Tremco: Expert waterproofing contractor Pretoria East

Tremco is an established and reputable waterproofing company. We are experts waterproofing services  provider and based in Pretoria. With a highly qualified workforce, all are experts in their field, Tremco provide a specialised waterproofing services. Our craftsmen undergo frequent refreshment classes on their trade as well as safety. The tools used in their trade are maintained daily and of high standard and includes safety equipment. The team is supervised by a highly qualified artisan.

Waterproofing of Retaining Wall
Waterproofing of Retaining Wall


All our services are conducted in a professional manner and all the equipment and chemicals used in the processes are if high quality. Concrete, flat, slates and tile roofs are some of the most common roof types in Pretoria East as well as industrial roofing types. Tremco’s expert teams deal with a variety of waterproofing tasks on all roof types effectively to ensure that our clients do not suffer from leaking roofs.


Many roofing systems eventually give in to the weather and can’t last for ever. You have to conduct a routine check on your roof to make sure that a leaking roof doesn’t catch you by surprise. Tremco’s qualified artisans are more than qualified to provide applicable maintenance methods to keep you dry in bad weather. With experience in damp proofing in Pretoria East, Tremco has tackle different problems with good results.

Workmanship guaranteed

Tremco’s waterproofing experts are familiar with every aspect involved in maintenance and repair of your roofs. The best tools and equipment are used to enable our specialists to meets your every need. Together with superior materials used, Tremco guarantee all work on your property.

Material used are specially manufactured by Tremco. All work done on property is guaranteed for a full 5 years with extended guarantee available after the 5 years.

Other property maintenance

Roof Repair

Roofs deteriorate on all property in time with no exception. This deterioration, consisting of leaking and rusting and devaluation of the property will occur. It also effects the functionality of the roof. (Read more)

Waterproofing in Pretoria East. Here you will find info on Waterproofing for property, Waterproofing needs of Roofs and Walls in Pretoria East.

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