1. Autumn Cleanup and Repairs

Have a biannual inspection done on your roof by an expert. Typically every spring and autumn. Autumn inspection leaves enough time to have work done before the summer rain. If you keep an eye on, nd quickly repairs the damage before it becomes an expensive issues.
Plumbing boots around pipes that are deteriorated.
Attic vents that are cracking or flaking, and rusting.
Damaged or penetration by animals.
Shingles that curling, cupping, flaking, tearing, splitting, and blistering.
Damaged rooftop.
Clean gutters and downpipes of dead leaves and other debris.
Cut away tree branches close to your house.

1.1 Regular roof inspect

You must find any roofing problem issues early. Inspect your roof to find any issues, do it regularly, at least twice a year. While you check the roof look out for blocked gutters, broken shingles and decay.

1.2 Clean gutters, get gutter covers installed

Water will dam up in blocked gutters and on the roof, espesially flat roofs. Water will get into jour home and dammage the ceallins and paint. Standing water in gutters filled with dead leaves will, over time, cause the roof to rot. Fasten gutters properly to the roof, it ensure that they are working well. make sure that all downpipes are open and the water can drain from the gutters. Ti’s always best to contact a professional to come and check if you’re not sure whether you have a leak or not.

Leaves in gutters

Install gutter covers to decrease the likelihood of blockages of your gutters, it will prevent the build-up of dead leaves and other debris. Make it easy to on yourself to remove any leaves and twigs before they getting into gutters by attaching gutter covers. The covers are very reasonably priced and very effective.

1.3 Cut branches close to your roof

Cut back trees surrounding your house, make sure any broken and other branches have not landed onto the roof. This could lead to roof damage in the long-term. Fallen branches will cause damage to your roof and even gutter blockages. This is more likely to happen in the autumn due to the fall of leaves. Again, it’s best to get an expert to carry out the trimming and to make sure it is done effectively and safely.

1.4 Be vigilant about animal damage

Make sure you don’t have any birds and squeals nesting or other animals inside your roof, their droppings and nesting material can cause a vast amount of damage and health issues. Once any animals have been evicted, block any entrances to prevent any new nesting and clean the area.

2 Roof damage

If you have roof damage, storms during the summer months, have getting repairs done before the upcoming summer rains. You don’t want to have a hail storm come along and tear up your roof! Call in a roofer/roof repairer to do an inspection before damage force you to replace the roof. Should repairs be needed it’s much better to have that done now than when rain falls during summer. Tremco does a thorough check of your property’s roof

3 Preparation for Summer

Winter time is hard on the roof. Heat and cold causes your roof to expand and shrink with the ongoing damage it brings to the sealant and paint cover.
You have to ask whether there are there any factors that may cause an ice dam on your roof or other signs of poor roof health? When you don’t have a regular maintenance program, or you have not had your roof checked in a while, the time to have it checked is now.
Call Tremco’s professionals to come out and do your roof maintenance for you.
Have peace of mind by doing autumn maintenance, take care of your roof and it will take care of you, for years and years to come.

Before you employ someone to carry out the work for you, take a step back and think about what needs doing and how you’re going to ensure that the work can be carried out safely. If you decide to have the repair work by a specialist you need to take the following in mind.

The OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY ACT (ACT85 OF 1993) requires companies to ensure the health and safety of their employees, and any contractors carrying out work on their behalf. In other words, if you contract someone to access your roof to sweep away debris or clear your gutters, you are legally required to make sure that the correct safety measures are in place before any work is carried out.

Carrying out a risk assessment and installing the appropriate equipment is only part of the solution when it comes to safety and preventing a fall from height. There’s no question that works at height is extremely dangerous, so you need to make sure that anyone accessing an area at height, has adequate training and supervision and is competent to carry out the work.

If you are hiring someone to carry out the work on your behalf, it’s essential that you check their credentials. Never assume that they now how to or will work safely, ask for a method statement so you can check they’ve assessed the work properly and plan to have the appropriate safety measures in place.

Always make sure that the work is planned, supervised and carried out safely by competent people, even if it’s short-term work such as roof repair or cleaning. Remember, you will be the one held accountable if there is an accident, so if you’re unsure about any aspect of work at height, always seek professional advice.

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