Find and mend a leakage in your rooftop

Examine your rooftop annually to escape exorbitant rooftop repairs by identifying roof leaks early.

This is what you have to look for…

Is there a leakage on your roof?

Check for stains on the ceiling and if so you certainly have a leakage. Whether this is produced by a dripping rooftop or a water heater runoff tube, you’ll need to locate the source of the leak as soon as feasible.

Broken Tiles

Mold on the ceiling is not always an ideal method to look for a leaky roof as it may be initiated by damp, specifically if it’s in your bathroom or laundry room. Look in the attic to exclude rooftop leaks.

How to inspect the rooftop space.

Use the access panel to access the roof space to check the roof above. Check for places where light is shining through the tiles to locate a slipped tile.

Key leaks triggered by variously broken tiles, loose ridge caps or rotting flashings are best left to the professionals.

Change a slipped tile

A bad rain storm, specifically with fast winds, can sometimes cause a tile to slip out of place. This can be fixed by shifting the tile back into position.

find a portion of stiff wire coat hanger and bend it to fashion a hook at the ending. Use the hook to pull the tile back into position along the timber cross beams that support the tiles.

When more than one tile has slipped, use wooden planks to hoist the two overlying tiles immediately above the tile or tiles you want to shift.

Change cracked/broken rooftop tiles

For a cracked/broken roof tile, use wooden battens to raise the two overlying tiles right above the cracked/broken tile.

Repair tiles

Try to pull out the spoiled tile through the opening.  If the tile has been nailed into position, you may need to pull the nail out. If the tile is stuck in place, as the last choice, you may have to demolish the tile to get it out. Take into account to wear gloves and goggles to as protection of your hands and eyes.

Put the replacement tile by maneuvering it into position and making certain that it is placed on the support laths.

Repair slipped, cracked or broken ridge cap

This job requires you to get onto the roof to replace and cement a new ridge cap. If in doubt, call the professionals.

Leakages around skylights and domes

Age, bad climate, and poor installation can frequently result in drips around skylights, solar domes and other installed fixtures that are fixed to the rooftop. The consistent examination will help detect leaks early.

Annually\Yearly inspection the state of the skylights and domes to rectify any corrosion or deterioration will ensure that these fittings don’t drip in the future.

If you find a leakage in your roof, feel free to make contact with Tremco (specialist roofing contractor) to inspect your rooftop completely. Cell: 073 270 8270 Website:

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